Welcome to the vibrant world of seafood !

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Introduction to the Blog

For more than a decade and a half, Hamvi Seafoods has been involved in responsible sourcing and selling of exceptional quality seafood in India and abroad (export). During this long tenure, we have gained immense experience about seafood and most of the things related to it.

As a corporate, it is our responsibility to extend this valuable knowledge and educate the masses for the overall benefit of the society. In this endeavour, we will throw light on authentic recipes, seafood quality checks, health and wellness, industry functioning and trends, and much more.

Sections on the blog will include Recipe – where we will get you authentic recipes from various parts of India and the world; Health – tips and awareness for good health in this over-crowded market; and Cosmo – tips on checking quality, awareness about products, industry, etc.

Help us with your feedback and do connect with us in case you want us to cover any topic of your choice.


Tawa Fried Prawns

Malwani Fish Curry

Goan Prawns Curry

Punjabi Fish Curry

Bengali Fish Curry